Different functions are here for you:

      • Beautiful Designs:  designs can take any shape. We provide a series of model sites to jumpstart your project & reduce time + costs. There are various options to choose from: create a new design from scratch, base the design on one of our models and mould to your needs, or keep the design of your current website and integrate in Optima-CRM.
      • Fast navigation:  thanks to the advanced technologies we use our websites are light (unlike unsuited technologies such as WordPress). This results in fast loading pages and swift navigation. Speed is also determined by rendering images fast and smart, must speeding up your website..
      • Pay as-you-go:  besides renting a website, we offer an interesting financing solution over 24 months. You pay a small amount monthly so you have the budget to spend on other things. Via our website price calculator you choose your options and it provides instantly the total cost + the financing option online.

Optima-CRM is so much more than just
the best CRM for Real Estate (as voted in 2018!)

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We challenge you!

We challenge you to find a solution that is as COMPLETE as Optima-CRM:

best websitebest website






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