For Rent By Owner... For Agencies!

Alquilo-Yo Solution: your low-risk/low-cost white-labeled solution to open markets providing services to DIY Landlords

Based on our Innovative award-winning solution: Optima-CRM

Get Fast Access to a New Market Segment segment with marketing & management services to property owners/landlords, offering a mixture of services.

Alquilo-Yo: For Rent by Owner Solution

Alquilo-Yo: For Rent by Owner Solution

Some of the advantages of Alquilo-Yo


    • DIY - Do It Yourself: a platform that allows the Owner to do it all himself...if chosen so.
    • Choices of packages & services for marketing & management of the property: choose how much to do themselves.
    • Easy payment by card or bank transfer (Stripe API integrated).
    • Self-manage property details: upload property & photos.
    • Interact with renters directly.
    • Real-time iCal integration of calendars with any of the portals the property is published.
    • Full transparency of bookings and real-time financials.
    • Block periods in the calendar for own use of the property.
    • Maximum exposure of property through the agency's marketing channels.




  • Contract vendors in a variety of ways & allow autonomy as far as the agency decides.
  • Gain access to Owners that would otherwise never contract with an agency, and personalise services rendered to each owner.
  • Up-sell services: reforms, professional photos, virtual tours, home-staging. etc.
  • Fully automated process: limited need for staff.
  • #1 card charging "Stripe" fully integrated.
  • Be paid for "a la carte" services adding value-add for the Owners and their renters.
  • Personalisation: fully branded in the company name & colours.