1. What is Optima-CRM? A practical Real Estate CRM solution which covers all commercialisations needs in your business.
    All your properties, contacts, transactions, etc., are perfectly organised in one place.
  2. Optima-CRM right for me? Optima-CRM is made to measure for all types of real estate commercialisation companies, and
    scales to (very) small, midsize and large organisations.
  3. Can we adapt Optima-CRM to our needs? The most personalisable CRM solutions for real estate where
    you can customise many elements and contents to match your needs.
  4. How does Optima-CRM optimise my day-to-day work? Optima-CRM is made to be your central management solution,
    that allows you to manage all aspects of your business centrally. It enables you to better organise virtually all aspects of your
    day-to-day activities, both in the planning as the execution thereof.


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