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What you can expect from your demo:

A Truly Personalised Experience

Every demo is different and adapted to your needs and in a language you master. The better you explain your needs and wants, the more accurate we can prepare your demo, and the easier for you to make your decision.

All Your Questions Answered

Our demos are a two-way communication whereas you get to answers to all your questions about our CRM solution, how it integrates with your website, potentially a new site we create for you, financing possibilities available, data migration from your old system, and any other integration like portals for example.

Clarity about CRM + Website Integration

We show you the functions in CRM that are instrumental for your business as well as what are the integration points with websites, how leads are automatically flowing into CRM etc.

A Demo User to Get Hands-On Action

Once you understand the logic of our solution, you get to spend time on your own with your personal demo user so that you can further explore the rich features of Optima-CRM.

How does an online demo work:

Participate from Anywhere

For your comfort and ease-of-access our demos are organised via GoToMeeting, a world-class web demo tool that allows us to share our screen with up to 50 participants from anywhere in the world, through PC or tablets, and with two-way conversation over the same connection. Alternatively we can provide a Spanish conference phone number.

Prior to the start, we'll send you a link to click at the time of the demo.


Real Estate CRM

Optima-CRM for Real Estate:
Smart | Complete | Easy | Affordable | Safe

We have reinvented CRM for Real Estate businesses in a more practical way and with new technologies. Until you have seen the live demonstration of Optima-CRM, you should not take any strategic decision to manage your business.                        Watch video --->


Optima-CRM was awarded a spot in the Top 10 of Best CRM Solutions of 2018 by MirrorReview, a critical review magazine for technology solutions.

Interesting here is that Optima-CRM is the only CRM for Real Estate in that Top 10...


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Residential Real Estate

Selling a resale property property is more than changing its status to “sold”. It includes the elaborate sales process itself, whereas commissions between agencies (sharing commissions) need to be calculated and assigned, as well as those for the sales agent and the listing agent whenever applicable.

Furthermore since it’s a “process”, it means that there are several steps from the moment of accepting the purchase offer, through signing an agreement, downpayment of a % of the price, through doing inspections, obtaining a mortgage, paying potentially installments, and many more things, through the closing at the notary.

Following are the post-sales activities such as changing over the utilities, community fees invoicing, etc.

Commercialising New Construction projects is much more than selling individual properties that belong to a promotion. With more people searching for new properties, the marketing of the actual Project is more important than ever before.

Potential buyers tend to educate themselves before contacting any agency and therefore it's key to provide relevant information about the Project and use this to your advantage for SEO (positioning of your site), whereto you then add all the available individual properties for sale.

Learn how you our New Constructions management can befit your business.

Long term rentals are properties rented by month(s) as opposed to Holiday Rentals (week/day) whereas the management is easy and straightforward.

Pricing is done by month and with the long term rental contracts module you manage the contracts over the agreed period of the rental. It allows you to generate rental agreements defined via the Contract Generator, setup the specifics of the agreement (months paid in advance, security deposit, etc.). This translates in the payment schedule integrated in the contract managements module. Here you can account for incoming payments and outstanding amounts.

Optima-CRM comes with a fully integrated bookings module where you manage the availability of short term rental properties, set pricing for as many pricing periods you need, calculate pricing across pricing periods, etc.

The booking module is for internal usage as well you can allow your property owner to enter and see/manage their property themselves.

Furthermore properties can be blocked for whatever reason, enquiries can be processed an converted into booking, payments registered (partial payments, deposits, etc.) for received payment as well as returning security deposits.

You can also manage the cleanings and maintenance work orders, whereas all the above actions roll into financial reporting for internal use as well as for sending to the property owner.

Businesses that would like to commercialise new construction projects, developments, promotions…now have the tools to do this using our Co-Broking module. This empowers companies who commercialise projects from their clients/promotors charging a fee for the service, as well as allows promotors themselves to commercialise their own projects through an international network of real estate agencies. Being the Master Agency of the commercialisation allows you to control the sales 100% whilst the co-broking agency (the network) to market it and bring clients to your doorstep. No longer do you need to subcontract a master marketing company as you will be the Master Agent yourself, neither do you need to invest in expensive custom-made software solutions but use Optima-CRM Co-Broking instead. Our clients sell properties through Co-Broking in Spain and Cyprus, through a network of international agencies specialised in their local markets spread over the entire world.

Commercial & Industrial Real Estate

A variety of types are treated under this category:

  • Highrises
  • Multi-family: buildings consisting of various properties
  • Packaged properties: two or more properties, possibly a combination of types,  are packaged for a combined sale

Here we classify and deal with specifics to sub types such as:

  • Hotels
  • Retail businesses
  • Premises
  • Commercial Centres (malls)

The very specific characteristics and classifications of industrial properties make that they need to be managed in its own ways:

  • Warehouses
  • Offices
  • Car washes
  • Storage units

Classifying land with all its details is a very specific matter. Here we deal both with:

  • Urban zoned land
  • Non-urbanisable zoned land

Extentions: specialised solutions

Control of Real Estate Commercialisation in Own Hands

We bring the power of commercialisation of your own development projects, or those you commercialise on behalf of a project owner, to real estate agencies & promotors, without the need for a custom software investment. Now everyone can become its own Master Commercialisation Agency and connect to a network of real estate agencies.

YoVendo: a New Source of Revenue awaits YOU!

YoVendo allows you to be an Online Agent for vendors who are looking for an alternative way to commercialise their property without representation of an agency. No matter how much effort an agency does, there is a substantial group of property owners who will never agree on paying commissions for representation in a sales transaction.

More info: yovendo.es

Alquilo-Yo: a New Way to include Landlords in your business!

Alquilo-Yo allows property owners who rent out their property/properties, to gain full control and visibility over this process, whilst contracting specialised services from the Agency.

More info via: alquilo-yo.com

Are you growing or expanding your company via franchising?

Especially for growing businesses and franchising networks alike, we have introduced the functions to manage multiple offices from a central or master office. As master office, you decide who gets to access which data in the group while all are using the same CRM solution.

All-In-One solutions for Real Estate

Integrating any existing website with the rich Optima-CRM functions to maximally benefit from your solution is possible and we can either provide you with a technical guide, or do the integration for you.

Benefit from our experience with over 500 successful websites built. We build 100% custom sites to your specifications, or start from any of our models to accelerate the process and reduce budget.

Migrating data from your old system(s) into Optima-CRM is an essential part of the project. Data enrichment and massaging usually is part of the process. We provide mapping guides and format examples if you want to do this yourself, and provide the services to do it on your behalf.

We provide professional managed website & email hosting on our own dedicated servers to guarantee the fastest & most reliable online service. This high-end service includes our team monitoring and intervening proactively whenever required, yet we offer this service at a very economic rate.

Our digital marketing team provides On-site & Off-site SEO for Real Estate, organically positioning your website in the adequate languages of targeted countries. The team works closely with our technical teams to insure the fastest & best results in a diversity of search engines and countries.

Kind words from our clients about our services & Optima-CRM solution.

Alexis Aparicio

Business Owner - Love Spain
Your CRM is up there with the big names like Salesforce, but then much better adapted for Real Estate...we're impressed!

Jonathan Rosales

Technical support Livingstone Estates
A reaction to our support: "Thank you, now looks great, and also thank you for fixing it on Sunday. Awesome support."

María Peral

Project Manager
Refreshing to work with a company and software who really fit our needs, adapts where we need, and delivers each time as promised. Being attended in our language is a plus too!

Neil Cockings

Owner - Keystyle Properties
12 months on from our registration to use the unique Customer Management System (CRM) provided by Optima-CRM which gives us full control of our Properties either for Sale or rental and allows us to successfully match our searching buyers to their desired requirements in a property Keystyle took the next step with Optima Team in building their new Website in the fastest coding available thus ensuring a greater user experience. Being a perfectionist for Detail and Functionality along side their developers they have surpassed our full design brief.

Janine Dove

Owner - Luxury Bargain Villas
Thanks for your rapid and professional way of implementing my new website and CRM. Whilst others would have taken months, you helped us to go live in one week. I'd happily recommend you to anyone who needs a quick and excellent service.

Maribel Gomez

Sales Manager
By far the most intuitive solution while being complete. So complete that we use so far only a part of it but expanding our business, surely other modules will become instrumental for us soon!

Mario Verbiest

General Manager
We're truly happy with the solutions OptimaSys provides us with and the support & attention we are given. In our business, being able to count on our partners is essential and we can genuinely recommend Optima-CRM and supporting services to any business taking themselves seriously.



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