Audit & Legal Compliance

Full Traceability, User Authorisation Roles, Audit & Legal Compliance

Audit Trails

In Optima-CRM accountability is not an option; so it should be in your agency too. Every action taken which updates information in your system is recorded so you can better manage and control what happened, when and by whom. This is both a proactive as a repressive way to make sure that everybody respects the rules you have set for your business.

Our clients foremost like to utilise this information to stay in the know of who is doing what and trace back what the previous values were of an updated element. A full log allows you to go back and see all the actions that were taken in a particular record. You’ll see the IP address, user name, exact time of update and in many cases also the previous values.

User Roles

Different roles in your agency require a similar set of authorisation profiles in your Optima-CRM. Several roles exist and you can assign them as you see best fit. There is for example an Agency Admin role which is the role highest level of authorisations and is for someone you can absolutely trust. This role allows to do pretty much anything in the system, including creating new users and configuring your CRM solution to the finest details.

Managers can manage their teams of Agents. This is particularly interesting for Leads Management and to follow up the activities of the Agents reporting to the Manager.

Agent roles focus on mainly their own listings, whereas for example no private data of owners for which they did not list the property, are accessible by the Agent. This is merely an example of the restrictions applied to Agents roles.

Furthermore there are Occasional User roles which are basically for employees who do not need to create records such as Projects, Properties, Owners or Accounts, but need to be able to consult and manage their calendars.

Then several other roles exist to handle specific tasks, such as manager holiday rentals, telemarketing, sales, etc.

Modules such as holiday rentals involve external resources (maintenance, cleaners, etc) for which also limited roles exist so that you can have them update your CRM system in real-time when out and about, using their mobile devices. 

With further development of new functions of Optima-CRM, new roles are added to be flexible and adapt to the real-life situation of your agency. As requirements come up, we review the impact on the usability of the system and decide whether to expand into new roles or adapt existing ones.

Legal Compliance

As a company OptimaSys Group Spain S.L. is fully compliant with the Organic Laws on Data Protection and Internet Law. We require that our clients using the Optima-CRM system are also compliant as to help our clients to collaborate in a safer environment. However, we are and cannot be responsible for the individual agencies’ compliance with the laws as each company is accountable for themselves.

Within the Optima-CRM solution, we provide the data fields so that an agency can comply with rules as stated in for example Decreto 218, yet we do not and cannot police that an agency actually applies the rules. We also suggest to work with a certified company that can provide the necessary training to help the agency comply with its lawful obligations.

audit & legal compliance